Make Every Vote Count

In the last election, Justin Trudeau promised to make 2015 the last election held under the First Past the Post system. As has become a pattern with this Prime Minister, he cynically broke his promise to Canadians.

Canada’s electoral system is outdated and creates important distortions between the people’s desires and the government that ends up being elected to govern on their behalf. These distortions could easily be repaired by introducing an element of proportionality to our democratic system.

Regional representation remains an important part of Canada’s democratic system, considering the differences existing between various parts of the country. Safeguards must be maintained for our electoral system to remain a reflection of our country and for the people to still benefit from direct representation from their constituency.

This is why I am proud to support our Party’s position and will actively work for democratic reform to change our electoral system in favour of Mixed Member Proportional with regional lists. Canadians would have the opportunity to vote for a Member of Parliament to represent their riding, and they will vote regionally for a party with open regional lists.

As leader of Canada’s NDP, I will introduce legislation to change our First Past the Post electoral system to a Mixed Member Proportional system with open regional lists within the first mandate of an NDP government.  

I am proud of the work done by New Democrat MPs including Nathan Cullen, Alexandre Boulerice and Craig Scott on this file. It is time for a just political system where every vote counts.