“I am very pleased to be here today to offer my support and endorsement for Niki Ashton to be the next leader of the Federal NDP. First I watched her from afar like most Canadians as a citizen.  And now, I have had the opportunity to be her colleague in the House of Commons and as part of NDP opposition caucus.  Up close and personal so to speak.

Regardless of the vantage point.  I am impressed!

Being a leader is a tough job and she is up for it!

Right from the get go in her political career she has stood up for equity and human rights…As an MP for her riding of Churchill-Keewatinook Aski she has advocated for the north, her community, for good jobs, for good education, for equity, fairness and human rights.

She has brought a loud and proud voice to issues affecting the north, the folks she represents.

Bringing attention and a voice to local issues that are effecting real people everyday, that is what I admire most and is my goal too as an MP for Saskatoon West.

On the the national stage in Ottawa where I have worked along side her, I have been most impress with her work advocating for younger people…younger than me..which is a few people, and fighting for their right to NOT have to look forward to a future of work that is precarious, low waged, no security, no benefits.  Work that doesn’t allow you to plan for a real future.

In Niki I see a smart, caring, fierce principled leader.

I really like the how she proposes to work in partnership with communities and community-based organizations who are working on the front line of this issue day in and day out.

Communities more often than not have the answers.  They just need a government that understands that and understands how to really be a partner for change.”

– Sheri Benson, MP for Saskatoon West

“I am supporting Niki Ashton. My partner works for an MP and is very close to the federal party. She has watched all the debates and campaigns much closer than I have been able to. We compared notes and found we were on the same page. Niki Ashton is our choice for the future of the party.

She embodies the principles of the party; equity, social justice, environmental sustainability, a fair and sustainable 21st century economy.  Niki has transported those values whole and true, into a new age context, making them more relevant than ever.

Niki is young, dynamic, powerful, unafraid and ready for the job. As she points out, the largest single group of voters in the next federal election will be millennials. This is where she really shines.”

– Doug Routley, MLA for Nanaimo-North Cowichan

“I am with Niki!”

– Kevin King, National President, Union of National Employees

“Je suis fier d’annoncer que j’appuierai la campagne de Niki Ashton, dans la course à la chefferie du NPD.

Niki représente la politique qu’elle devra se faire, aujourd’hui. Elle comprend que pour répondre aux défis auxquels nous sommes confrontés, nous devons établir des liens avec les gens pour lancer un mouvement progressiste. Elle a réalisé ces objectifs par le passé, en travaillant avec les mouvements autochtones, avec les militants et les militantes écologistes, féministes et avec les milléniaux qui souhaitent voir le monde politique incarner les mouvements pour le changement. Niki incarne l’avenir du NPD. C’est pour cela que je l’appuie aujourd’hui.

J’encourage tout le monde à embarquer dans notre mouvement aujourd’hui et d’appuyer la campagne de Niki. Ensemble, nous pouvons lancer un mouvement pour la justice sociale, environnementale et économique, pour tous et toutes.”

En toute solidarité,

– Romeo Saganash

MP for Abitibi — Baie-James — Nunavik — Eeyou

Indigenous and Northern Affairs

Critic for Intergovernmental Aboriginal Affairs

Critic for Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency

“I am so excited to officially support Niki Ashton to be the future leader of the NDP. Generally I am not a fan of party politics but I am a strong believer in influential platforms and principled leadership.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Niki and have a conversation about migrant and refugee issues and was impressed by her commitment to making citizenship accessible for migrant workers and temporary foreign workers. Niki is pursuing a bold approach to racial justice, advocating for dignity and respect for all – a much needed voice for equity!

Not only will Niki lead with compassion, courage and consistent leadership for an inclusive Canada, but she will also care about how her decisions as a leader will make an impact abroad as well as here at home. I look forward to seeing the first elected female Prime Minister in Canadian history so that other young girls and women will be inspired to pursue leadership roles as well.”

– Sharmarke Dubow, refugee advocate & community organizer, Victoria BC

 “I am proud to announce my support for Niki Ashton as leader of Canada’s NDP, and am asking you to join me in the movement we are building. I firmly believe that with Niki’s principled leadership and her vision, we will tackle the inequalities that are holding so many people behind with true progressive policies.

Simply witnessing how Niki arrived into federal politics, I could tell that she had the kind of vision we need in our party. She stood up for what she believed in – championing marriage equality and human rights when she decided that she had to step up and defend NDP values at the federal stage. As someone who was attacked by the Catholic Church for defending marriage equality as justice critic for our party, I have always had a tremendous amount of respect for what Niki did.

Niki has championed every file that she has worked on and has demonstrated how far a principled vision can take someone in politics. I admire her commitment to diversity within our party and her support for the values of multiculturalism and cultural diversity across Canada. I was impressed with her work as critic for Status of Woman, as she pioneered the organization of a yearly Women’s Forum, to advocate for gender equality. Niki has been at forefront of our party fighting for action and a family-led Inquiry for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, alongside many activists from Idle No More and Indigenous communities across the country.

When Niki started working on the national forum to tackle the issue of the rise of precarious work among the Millennial generation, I knew that she was on to something. This is the kind of energy our party needs. This is how we will grow the party, and Niki understands where the future lies, all while understanding where she comes from, serving a constituency that has given so much to our party.

All through the campaign, Niki has been a steady voice for peace and for human rights. She has taken a position, not out of short term political calculation, but out of principle, which is exactly what our party needs right now.

Progressive movements all over the world are showing us that people are looking for principled leadership. It is with this mindset that we will be able to tackle the injustices that our country is perpetuating.  It is with a principled approach that we will be able to dismantle the mandatory minimum sentencing regime and racial targeting. It is by defending our principles that we can defeat the Liberals and the Conservatives.”

– Joe Comartin
Former Deputy Speaker and MP for Windsor—Tecumseh

J’ai eu l’immense privilège de la côtoyer à titre de député et d’échanger sur nos préoccupations communes : inégalités de revenus, injustice envers les défavorisés et lutte contre les changements climatiques. Niki a contribué au mouvement remarquable de lutte contre  la précarité d’emploi chez nos jeunes.

L’empathie de Niki pour les gens et sa volonté inébranlable d’agir m’impressionnent. Nous avons besoin de Niki en vue de la campagne électorale de 2019 et c’est pour cela que je l’appuie.

“Je veux que l’on puisse faire des contrastes forts, lors de l’élection de 2019.

Niki milite pour la gratuité scolaire, alors que Justin Trudeau n’offre rien de concret pour les jeunes.

Niki fait la promotion de la paix et de la justice, alors que Justin Trudeau vend des armes à l’Arabie Saoudite.

Niki s’oppose fermement au développement de projets polluants qui sèment la division, alors que Justin Trudeau fait la promotion du développement d’oléoducs à travers le Canada malgré l’opposition des communautés où ils passent.”

– Raymond Côté
Député de Beauport-Limoilou, 2011 – 2015

I am honoured to endorse Niki Ashton for the leadership of the NDP. I think that Niki is very articulate, I appreciate that she is not shy of a tough fight and, from my point of view, she really ‘gets’ the underlying issues in Canada and, for that matter, the world of today.

Her stand on tax fairness and tax loopholes is right on the button. She defends workers that are being ripped-off, like the Sears employees that the retailer has filed for bankruptcy protection against. She takes climate change seriously and has a comprehensive plan for meeting the challenges ahead to reduce our emissions.

Niki also steps away from political canned messaging that has become almost its own institute within our democracy. When I hear Niki talk, I know those are her words – not the words of some focus-test group.

I just really like her and what she stands for. We need bold leadership, and Niki will provide it”

– Sue Powell, Councillor of the City of Parksville and former BC NDP candidate, Parksville, BC

“Far too many folks that live in this country are forced to navigate food insecurity and poverty each and every day. This is unacceptable in a country as wealthy as Canada, we can and must do better. Change is possible, and I want to support a badass leader with a bold and progressive vision for a more just Canada. I’m supporting Niki Ashton because she is the badass progressive voice that Canada needs.”
– Paul M. Taylor, Non-profit Leader, Anti-poverty Activist, Toronto, ON
“Niki has been clear about the need for our party to return to its core values – workers’ rights, public ownership and the promotion of peace. She has my support for leader.”

– Morgan Gay, President Ottawa South NDP, Union Negotiator, Peace Activist.

“I am supporting Niki as she is the bold, people-centred leader that will unite our country.”
– Jamey Mills, REVP BC region, PSAC

“As a former candidate for the federal New Democrats in Richmond, B.C., it is my pleasure to endorse Niki Ashton for the position of leader of the federal New Democratic Party.

I am endorsing Niki because I believe she is the best person to lead our party into the next federal election with a bold, progressive vision, and an unwavering commitment to building a better, fairer, greener, more socially just Canada. She is an intelligent, young woman who is not afraid to stand up for what is right. She will continuously advocate on behalf of the common good and represent the best interests of all Canadians, both at home and abroad. She is articulate, thoughtful, and committed to bringing our party back to its social democratic roots, which has a proud history of economic, environmental, and social justice.

As an individual under the age of 40, Niki understands the challenges of Canada’s young people today – exorbitant tuition fees, student debt, precarious work and lack of benefits from part-time jobs, and a lack of affordable housing… to name, but a few. Niki addresses these problems with integrity, grace, and intelligence.

It is because of Niki’s progressive vision and commitment for bold action on these issues and so many more, that I am happy to endorse Niki Ashton’s campaign. I hope to see her as our first — elected — female Prime Minister of Canada in 2019.”

– Jack Trovato, Candidate Richmond Centre Federal NDP, Vancouver BC

“I’m a refugee!
A refugee from the
Island of Sri Lanka!
Chased from the soil where
my umbilical cord was buried;
Forced to leave from the land where
my ancestors were cremated;
I feel the pain of displacement;
Suffered state sponsored settlements;
Lived under settlers’ colonialism;
Aware of the sufferings and struggles of the Palestine People!
Niki standing up for the ‘Rights of Palestine People’
I’m standing with Niki!My daughter, Year 2016!
Three Agencies, workplaces nine!
Like nomads with the cattle
Looking for green
moving place to place,
Shouldering the student loan
holding her resume
Knocking on doors for jobs!
This is called precarious condition!
Niki standing up against precarious jobs!
Niki standing with my daughter and other daughters!
I am standing with Niki!I am an activist!
A working class activist!
I don’t expect someone to deliver!
I believe in my strength,
Working Class Strength and the ‘Power of the People’;
Niki says “Rise Up! Fight Back”
Niki says “Building A Movement, Together”
I’m standing with NIKI to
“Build the Movement””
– Logan Sellathurai, Toronto, ON

“I support Niki because shares my values. She’s standing up to protect our environment, for proper stewardship of the land. She’s standing up to ensure women, LGTBQ, minority, and Aboriginal equality. She’s standing up to help middle class and lower class families, and diminishing poverty in the process. She’s standing up to put a stop to institutional racism and colonization. She understands the world we as millennials are facing with high student loan debt, and the highest cost of living expenses not faced by previous generations. She’s listening to the people and standing up for the people, this is why I support Niki Ashton.”

– Katherine Swampy, Band Councillour, Sampson Cree Nation 

“From the first debate and I made up my mind on Niki Ashton. She’s a young, intellectual, strong minded principled woman. Her charisma, knowledge of the true problems facing Canada and young Canadians is awesome. 

Her bills are aggressive and bold. She understands we have to have a fair taxation system that takes from the rich n pours into the community. 
She acknowledges the gender gap and willing to fight for a fairer system. 
We desperately need a strong young leader who understand our current challenges. Who understand the generation and what are we looking for. We dont need another white old man to keep business as usual. We are at a critical state right now, from climate change to corporations greed, from police brutality to indigenous affaires, job insecurity… 
canada can be the world leader in human rights and climate change by using our strongest asset: diversity! 
We are all immigrants in this country, we all came here leaving behind a falling country/system looking for a new life for us and our children and grandchildren. There is nowhere else to go if Canada doesn’t pick up the torch and lead the world by example towards a better fair from the people to the people system. 
Niki Ashton made me believe this could happen. We need someone different; And it’s Niki.”
Malak Sharaf, Makeup Artist // NDP member, Citizen of the world.

“We need a principled leader that stands up for First Nations, Metis and Northern communities. Niki is committed to addressing the systemic under funding of First Nation communities, the need for a family driven, comprehensive Inquiry and Action into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women to raising the cuts to rural and Northern services. Niki Ashton fights for the issues that matter to Northern and all Canadians. I am proud to support a principled leader that understands all of Canada.” 

– Georgina Jolibois, MP for Desnethé — Missinippi — Churchill River

“Niki is the Socialist, Eco-feminist the NDP needs. Her policies for free tuition, workplace justice, pardon for cannabis possession, full equality for LGBTQ2S Canadians, Indigenous Rights, and against pipelines show her courage and her depth. We need a woman leader. We need a woman Prime Minister. It’s 2017. It’s time.”

– Cheri DiNovo, MPP Parkdale-High Park 

“I’m supporting Niki Ashton because she is the fierce, passionate and principled leader the NDP needs right now.

During my time as a student activist, I knew I could rely on Niki to bring the issues facing students to the forefront in Ottawa. She has advocated for the elimination of tuition fees and stands shoulder to shoulder with students in the struggle for universally accessible post-secondary education.

Her dedication to addressing the challenges facing young people goes beyond talking points. She has shown a commitment to understanding and tackling working class issues, particularly the rise of precarious work and how it is changing the face of labour in Canada. I know that young workers can rely on Niki to fight for a stronger economy that provides good, stable jobs, and more equitable workplaces.

What I respect most about Niki’s campaign is that she is running on a platform that is bold and daring. Her policies are realistic and necessary if we want to build a movement and be the party leading the charge in the fight for a fair, just and equitable society.”

– Jessica McCormick // First Vice-President – Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour, Former National Chairperson – Canadian Federation of Students

“As we have seen all too often in politics, parties and representatives will pay lip service to the needs of queer and trans communities yet take no subsequent steps to meet them. Niki Ashton is the first federal leadership candidate I trust to support trans and queer communities with real action and leadership.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Niki, volunteering in her office, and partnering with her for numerous events for and by LGBTQ communities. I’ve seen her commitment to social justice through more than just words. Niki has tirelessly advocated for queer & trans rights throughout her career. Whether it was equal protection for LGBTQ+ human rights, marriage equality, accessible queer and trans healthcare, or most recently Bill C-16, she has actively supported policies and bills aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of our communities.

For too long, queer and trans communities have gotten token support and protection from our government. The NDP needs a leader that will champion the needs of marginalized communities.  I firmly believe that if elected leader of the NDP, Niki Ashton will set the example for what it looks like to be an effectual representative and ally in government.

Niki’s policies to end gender-based discrimination and deliver on justice for LGBTQ2+ Persons are the most ambitious proposals to support queer and trans communities in Canada’s history. They address real needs within queer and trans communities and strive to implement meaningful changes that address those needs.

This is why I believe Niki Ashton should be our next leader of the NDP. She is exactly the party leader marginalised communities need in their corner, and she is exactly the Prime Minister Canada needs come the 2019 Federal election.”

– Fae Johnstone, Queer and Trans Community Organizer

“J’appuie Niki car elle incarne les valeurs progressistes du NPD dans ses idéaux, ses actions mais surtout dans sa façon d’être.  Tout comme moi elle a à cœur la justice sociale et souhaite bâtir un mouvement inclusif afin que tous et toutes aient leur place. Elle comprends les réalités du Québec et représente le futur du NPD. Je suis fière d’appuyer Niki!”

– Brigitte Sansoucy, Députée pour Saint-Hyacinthe—Bagot

“Le NPD est actuellement à la croisée des chemins. Les résultats des élections de 2015 démontrent que notre parti doit renouer avec ses racines sociales-démocrates. Or, je crois profondément que les propositions économiques, sociales et environnementales de Niki Ashton répondront aux aspirations des Canadiennes et Canadiens.

Niki est une femme souriante, accueillante et combattive. Je ne suis pas surpris de la voir briser les stéréotypes en ce qui concerne la maternité et la vie politique. Elle est un exemple pour toutes les femmes qui visent un poste de direction peu importe le domaine.”

– François Choquette, Député fédéral de Drummond

“Oki, I am Nii sti noh tis pi yakii, Dances with all Medicine pipes, my English name is Rebecca Many Grey Horses, I am from the Blood Tribe in Southern Alberta.  I was asked to say a few words of support for Niki Ashton.  I met this young woman recently, and what impressed me was the respect she has for Indigenous people and her determination to understand Indigenous issues.  She is described as a champion for the social issues, I say she is a champion for Indigenous women!  Advocates like Niki are few and far between, I admire her tenacity to support and advocate for the marginalized.   She is outspoken on Indigenous issues and for Missing and Murdered Indigenous women. I ask you as Indigenous people and as Canadians to support Niki Ashton for leader of the NDP. I stand with Niki Ashton!”

– Rebecca Many Grey Horses // Kainai, Treaty 7 Territory

“I support Niki because we need a leader who is willing to say what she means and live those values. I want a leader who listens, and Niki is one of the few in Ottawa who consistently listens to the concerns and takes action.”

– Kat Barnes // Edmonton, Alberta

“Niki is one of those rare people in politics who is truly, deeply a good person with strong morals. She actively works to bring justice to unjust situations. I trust Niki. I would trust Niki with a lot of things, including my party and the country.”

– Reakash Walters // Edmonton, AB

“So Proud to say on Pride Day that I am supporting Niki Ashton for Federal NDP Leader! Many of our members in CUPE Ontario feel the same way – and others are making up their minds – or have decided on others – which is the heart of democracy! But I personally want our party to be a bold progressive voice – to demand more for average folks. Niki is a smart, strong, experienced, progressive woman who I believe will make a wonderful leader for our party!”

– Fred Hahn // President of CUPE Ontario

“Aujourd’hui, j’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer qu’après plusieurs mois de réflexion, ainsi que d’innombrables discussions avec des militantes et militants NPD, avec plusieurs candidats et candidate à la chefferie, j’ai pris ma décision concernant cette course.

Personnellement, la question à laquelle il était essentiel de répondre était la suivante : « Quelle candidat-e était véritablement prêt-e à ramener le NPD dans le 21e siècle ? » Pour ce faire, il fallait avant tout comprendre les leçons de 2015. Depuis les deux dernières années, depuis la défaite de 2015, j’ai passé beaucoup de temps à réfléchir aux causes de notre défaite, c’était un moyen thérapeutique disons, pour moi de soulager la douleur que c’était de voir filler entre nos doigts cette ouverture historique.

Je suis arrivé à la conclusion que si le NPD, ou n’importe quel autre parti de gauche veut former une majorité démocratique au sein de ce pays il faut trois choses : d’abord, une plateforme ancrée à « gauche » qui s’assume qui énonce une vision cohérente, il faut redéfinir et reconfigurer les termes du débat public. On ne peut se contenter d’être un parti des urnes exclusivement, un parti gestionnaire, cloisonné à la Chambre des Communes, il faut que l’on devienne un parti de la rue, de la société civile, des organisations commentaires, des mouvements sociaux il faut être un parti de militantes & militants, fut une époque ou nous l’étions, il faut qu’on le redevienne. Il est essentiel de comprendre que le NPD n’est que le véhicule politique d’un mouvement qui doit le dépasser très largement. Dernièrement, ceci est pour moi la leçon la plus importante de toutes, il faut revigorer les mécanismes démocratiques au sein du parti ! Décentraliser la structure du parti et permettre une certaine autonomie au sein du parti, il faut opposer au centralisme dirigiste, l’asymétrie et la démocratie, qui respecte la diversité et les différences aussi de notre mouvement. Il est impératif de changer la culture interne du parti, de bâtir une vraie culture de débat, de délibération, d’échange. Les congrès se doivent d’être le lieu par excellence de cette démocratie participative. Tout ça pour dire qu’un parti de « gauche » ne peut pas se « faufiler au pouvoir », c’est un travail de profondeur, de terrain, un travail de longue haleine, pas un « one shot wonder » pur produit de l’équipe de comms.

Au fur et à mesure de mes discussions avec Niki Ashton il semblait clair que nous surfons sur la même vague politique, nous que nous avions les mêmes idées, les mêmes convictions profondes, mais la chose qui m’as fait prendre position en faveur de la candidature de Niki aujourd’hui, c’est sa compréhension profonde des manquements démocratiques au sein du NPD et des ses propositions concrètes pour bâtir un cadre démocratique qui soit véritablement participatif pour y remédier. Niki Ashton représente le futur de notre mouvement, un futur audacieux, qui n’a pas froid aux yeux et qui ne mâche pas ses mots. Niki et le projet politique qu’elle porte avec elle depuis des lustres, est un projet d’avenir, un projet d’espoir, de justice et de solidarité. Je suis fier aujourd’hui de prendre un pas ensemble avec Niki vers le futur.”

– Niall Clapham-Ricardo // Montreal, QC

“She stands for public control of public services, she is a solid supporter of helping working class families suffering from precarious work, low wages and high tuition fees. She believes in a fair and balanced approach to improving the conditions facing Palestinians and can be counted upon to bring Canada’s foreign policy back in line with the principles of social justice and fairness.”

– Sid Ryan // Former President of the Ontario Federation of Labour

“I had the pleasure of working with Niki Ashton as an MP from 2008 to 2015.

She is a woman of strong principles and has consistently been a passionate advocate for human rights, especially those concerning our Indigenous population.

As the federal NDP Agricultural Critic I regularly met with farmers and agricultural organizations.  Niki supported me in my efforts and was a strong advocate for farmers right across this country.   In fact, both Niki and I agree that agricultural policy must be seen through the lens of food sovereignty.  To this end we worked together with many other Canadians to stop the dismantling of the Canadian Wheat Board.

Niki also understands the big picture and the effect that so-called “free trade” agreements can have on the ability of sovereign governments to make policy in the best interest of their citizens.  She also understands that corporations must pay their fair share of taxes for the benefit of all Canadians.

Living as she does in northern Manitoba, Niki has a passion for rural Canada and understands the difficulties many of our small communities face.

Niki has spent time in every major region of our country, including Quebec, and is very fluent in French.  Due to her Greek heritage, she also understands some of the problems that our cultural minorities face.

I firmly believe that Niki is the right person to lead our party at this point in time in our history.  She has a bold vision for a strong and independent Canada and would make a great Prime Minister.  Let’s give her that chance.”

– Alex Atamanenko, former NDP MP for British Columbia Southern Interior.

”Niki has the passion and skills needed to bring people from all walks of life to our movement. That’s why I’m proud to support her as leader.”

– Belinda Stick, President, Yukon NDP / Northern Women’s Rep, Federal Council

<<Niki comprend qu’il est important de respecter nos valeurs si l’on veut bâtir un mouvement suffisamment fort pour changer le paysage politique au Canada. C’est pourquoi, je l’appuie comme leader de notre parti.>>

– François Picard, ancien candidat du NPD dans Jonquière-Alma

“I am voting for Niki Ashton because truly progressive politics is something you do, not something you talk about.”

– Tarek Loubani , Emergency Physician, Palestinian refugee living in Canada

“My family goes back three generations of NDP supporters. I have always believed in the values the party represents- coming from a family of teachers and forestry union workers, supporting the NDP always made sense. But this is the first time I have cared about who was running for leader and the first year I bought a membership.

In Niki, we have a leadership candidate who represents my generation but whose values appeal to all. Someone with experience, tenacity and principle. Someone who is driving progressive, political change.

For the first time, I have found someone who not only supports the fight for gender equality, but is living the fight herself. I have found someone who represents me. For the first time, I’m inspired.

That’s why I am supporting Niki Ashton.”

– Emily R. White, Vancouver, BC. Photographer

“As a social justice activist for much of my teenage and adult life, it was important for me to pick a leader who I knew as going to connect with the grassroots of our party, and focus on the important work of forming government while sticking the principles that make us all proud to be New Democrats. In Niki Ashton, I found that leader. She is willing to reach out beyond the entrenched inner circle of the party apparatchiks and include activists in policy making; she included me in the building of a mental health platform that was not just focused on what we can do now, but what needs to be done to ensure that the mental health needs of Canadians are appropriately address over the long term.

I support Niki Ashton for NDP leader because I trust her to build an inclusive party that takes on the hard challenges of our time, and doesn’t shy away from the tough fights. I support Niki because she believes in Canadians and the good that we can do when we band together. Niki will build a movement, and that movement will change this country.”

– Ryan Painter, community organizer and mental health activist, Vancouver Island, B.C.

“As a Muslim woman born and raised in Canada, our lives are becoming more uncertain and unstable. I am voting for Niki because she is a fighter for all of us. She is fighting for nationalisation of our resources, reducing militarisation and conflict abroad, and for free tuition. She is fighting for a better future and taking back our party.”

– Aminah Sheikh, Labour and Union Organizer, Toronto ON

“I am endorsing Niki Ashton for the next Leader of the federal NDP!

I have spent the last few months reviewing policy proposals, watching the debates and contemplating the candidates’ past work. After careful reflection, there is no doubt in my mind that Niki is the best person to lead our party forward.

I originally joined the NDP in 2014 because of two key issues: the environment and Indigenous rights. It is of my opinion that Niki is the strongest candidate on these issues. I trust her to push for a carbon-free green economy while advocating for the full implementation of the United Nations’ Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. 

Acting as Vice-President of Communications for the New Democratic Youth of Canada for the last 14 months, I have gotten to know and work with Niki and her team. I stood next to her as she waited to speak in favor of a policy proposal at the 2016 NDP Convention that would have required parties to run an equitable representation of candidates. I watched as she led a countrywide tour to address the rise of precarious work in the Millennial generation, the first MP to do so. She has been a consistent ally for young Canadians across a wide range of issues, and I know that she will always keep our generation, and those that follow, at the forefront of her political agenda.

Niki is a strong intersectional feminist who understands that to achieve change in this country, we have to challenge the system as a whole. She will lead the fight against corporations and big-business while advocating for marginalized Canadians. Niki will inspire a whole host of Canadians who have been disinterested by the political system. She will raise taxes on the wealthy and push for tuition free post-secondary education and the public ownership of services.

Niki Ashton makes me proud to be a New Democrat and I can’t wait to help elect her as the next Leader of the NDP, and the next Prime Minister of Canada!”

– Alex Gold-Apel, Vice-President of Communications for the New Democratic Youth of Canada, Montreal, Canada

“Niki has been steadfast in her fight for social, economic, environmental and racial justice. Her genuine commitment to delivering  structural change echoes that embodied by other progressive movements across this country and around the world.

Niki’s support for frontline communities is both unwavering and unmatched and as a young person, I know  she will fight for me, my future and for all of us.

In a time of unparalleled and intersecting crises, we simply cannot afford the politics of business as usual. This is not the time for cautious centrism. We need a bold vision, one rooted in grassroots social action. I’m voting for Niki because I know she will deliver that vision.

– Geneviève Nevin, Victoria BC

“I’m very happy to endorse Niki Ashton for leader of the New Democratic Party. The next NDP leader needs to understand not only our history, but also our present moment, and where we’re heading. Niki gets that our party’s socialist legacy is no burden but an asset, as free market orthodoxy and carbon-intensive colonialism collapse around our ears.
All over the world, working people and youth are asserting their indignant hopefulness, our refusal to submit to a burning, unequal planet; Indigenous peoples across the globe are demanding an end to dispossessions, displacements, and brutalities old and new. Niki understands that if our party has a future — hell, if our society has a future — it lies in acknowledging, honouring, and participating in these movements. After decades of being told that we were powerless to create a more equal, democratic, inclusive, kinder country, we’re waking up from the greedy delirium of neoliberalism to the realization that we have choices — that in fact, democracy means nothing if we don’t.
Niki understands that it’s not the NDP leader’s job to impress right-wing newspaper pundits. She’s saying loud and clear, without apology, that she stands with working people; the young; racialized communities; sovereign Indigenous nations; LGBTQ2S communities; climate justice fighters; people living with disabilities; peace activists; feminists; Francophones; trade unions, and more — and you know what? It’s music to my ears.”
– Charlie Demers, Comedian and Writer, Vancouver BC

“I stand with Niki Ashton!”

– Andrea Canales, Women’s Advisory Committee – City of Vancouver, Vancouver, BC

“I am supporting Niki Ashton because she is a progressive and grass roots woman I admire. Niki works tirelessly to reform the justice system to protect victims of sexual violence. As a survivor of sexual trauma I know Niki is working to end violence against women by investing in prevention, education, and counselling, and by improving access to justice and protection of victims’ rights. 

Niki believes in increasing development aid for women which is a fundamental value of mine. I have seen first hand the difference this makes to children, youth and families in third world countries. 

Niki aims to tackle the social and economic determinants of mental health. As a mental health advocate I understand the importance of this concept. We need to ensure we are preventing the root causes as well as intervention programs and services across our country. 
Overall I believe Niki is key to ensuring we respect Indigenous rights, end gender violence and discrimination in our country. Please join me in supporting Niki!”
– Erin Arnold, Vancouver BC
Federal NDP Council Executive
President of Vancouver Quadra NDP
Fundraising Director BCNDP Women’s Rights Committee
Organizer and Women’s Rights Representative BCNDP Vancouver Point Grey Executive
City of Vancouver Women’s Advisory Committee Member

“I support Niki’s campaign for the same reason I cheered the  Corbyn and Sanders campaigns in the UK and US. Her campaign is modelled on those unexpectedly successful insurgencies which had these major effects:

They brought together left-wing activists in the Labour and Democratic parties, and many more activists outside of them who were previously uninvolved in electoral politics.  They counterposed the ongoing participation of the party ranks in social movements and policy discussions to the narrow top-down approach favoured by party establishments who relied primarily on media advertising supported by large donors during elections. They reintroduced socialist ideas and activity into the political mainstream. This is Niki’s vision and the purpose of her campaign. 

Niki is an outstanding candidate in her own right – fluent in five languages, highly educated, an experienced parliamentarian, and representative of the new generation of NDP supporters. Her principled policies on public ownership of the unpopular finance, energy, and pharmaceutical industries and on the Palestine-Israeli conflict boldly sets her apart from the other candidates for leadership of the NDP.”

– Marv Gandall, Victoria, BC

“I am supporting Niki Ashton because she is fighting for the ignored and disenfranchised. As a disabled Canadian that just finished paying off his student loans, I feel that she is the best political representative that I have ever had the pleasure to support. Hers is a movement everyone can be proud of. She is fresh, exciting, and has the bold vision the country needs.”

– Robert McCarthy, Sudbury, ON, Sudbury NDP Federal Disability Rights Representative

“In this time of divisive politics, Niki Ashton offers hope for a better Canada. She is building a movement that is inclusive, progressive and compassionate that offers a  better way for Canadians moving forward. Niki has proven that she has a strong voice for her riding and has been an agent of change in Ottawa. Today, I endorse Niki Ashton as Leader of the Federal NDP.”

Trent Derrick, Small Businessman & Former Candidate for the riding of Cariboo-Prince George, Prince George, BC

“J’appuie Niki Ashton parce que ses principes et ses politiques historiques prouvent qu’elle se battra toujours pour ceux qui sont ignorés ou même pas invités à la table. Niki a prouvé, avec ses politiques progressives, que les gens, en particulier les gens ignorés et les personnes marginalisés, sont toujours inclus. Comme jeune femme du nord de l’Ontario, je sais que Niki se battra toujours pour nous et pour tous les autres qui sont constamment ignoré dans notre société. 

I am supporting Niki Ashton because her principles and historical track records prove that she will always fight for those who’s voices are ignored or not even invited to the table. Niki has proven through her progressive policies that people, especially ignored and marginalized folks, always come first. As a young woman from Northern Ontario, I know that Niki will always fight for us and all others who are constantly pushed down in our current society.”

– Chrissy Lynn Trudel – Co-présidente du comité francophone de NPD d’Ontario/ Co-chair of the ONDP Francophone Committee

“In this leadership race, we have 4 outstanding candidates and so it took some pondering to figure out as to who I’d support. But as the race has progressed, it has become undeniably clear that Niki is far and away the best candidate to lead the federal NDP. Niki is one of the most inspirational people I’ve met in politics, for she’s young, she’s experienced, she’s passionate, she’s tenacious, and most of all, she’s grassroots-oriented and down to earth.

The NDP is a party with a proud tradition of championing bold policies and I know Niki will carry on this legacy as our next leader. Out of all the candidates, Niki consistently has the most progressive, the most comprehensive, and the most transformational policies. One example of this is with her tax reform plan, which would be the most progressive wealth transfer in Canadian history and will finance huge investments into our severely deteriorated public services. Another example is with her phenomenal gender violence and discrimination policy, which will fundamentally change how victims are supported by government and break down the real, systemic barriers for women that have existed for far too long.

The policy that has blown me away the most is Niki’s racial justice policy, which doesn’t just identify the issue, but provides concrete and meaningful solutions. Racism isn’t just an American problem, it’s very much so a Canadian issue as well. It’s institutional in our governmental bodies and services, it’s systemic in society, and racialized folks experience it in every part of life. Niki’s plan is one that would fundamentally change the experiences of racialized folks in Canada and, for me personally, it would mean that my mom and I no longer have to avoid of going to the American border due to the fear of being harassed again because of our last names.

For 2 years, I have been sick and tired of seeing the media fawning over Trudeau for doing absolutely nothing constructive. When he’s not busy trying on colourful socks for getting photo ops in the lake, he’s privatizing our infrastructure, leaving our relic of an electoral system unreformed, cozying up to Donald Trump, and not acting in the spirit of reconciliation by repeatedly breaking his promises to our Indigenous peoples. For the sake of progressive Canadians, we need someone who is ready to take him on and win in 2019, and Niki is that person. She has the energy, the experience, and the vision to do the job, and I know that she will make an absolutely exceptional NDP leader and New Democrat Prime Minister.”

-Amin Ali, Participation of Visible Minorities Director, New Democratic Youth of Canada

“Depuis le début de la course, Niki a réussi à bâtir un mouvement pour la justice sociale, environnementale et économique, en défendant des politiques claires et irrévérencieusement à gauche. Voici pourquoi je l’appuie.”
– François Soucy, Membre et militant québécois du Nouveau Parti démocratique du Canada Co-directeur de la campagne de Peter Julian à la chefferie du NPD

“It is a true honour and I will gladly endorse Niki Ashton for NDP Leader 2017

Niki Ashton is a strong, young feminist voice who not only speaks truth to power herself, but encourages and empowers others to do the same. Ashton’s policies, leadership and experience embody what I want to see and hear in the next election and beyond. Her bold stance on social, economic and rights based issues is not only inspiring but represents a leader who is courageous.

I had the honour of working alongside Niki and her team during the Precarious Work Forum. To say it was refreshing is an understatement. Instead of blaming the economic issues of today on Canada’s largest generation, Niki set out on a multifaceted approach to hear from millennials themselves as well as their families on how this precarious economy is actually affecting the people being blamed. While the Finance Minister and the current government told the future of Canada to get used to working multiple jobs with little security and and a sever lack of compensation; Niki stood up and empowered millennials and young people to fight back.

Niki is very connected and in tune with the issues hitting the Canadian workforce. Her commitment to labour rights has been proven time in and time out. Niki not only empowers labour activists, she listens to the rank and file members. Niki Ashton knows that labour rights equals workers’ rights for all. Niki is nothing but an ally for the working class.

Not only does Niki consistently listen to her constituents and all Canadians, she has proven in and outside of the house to fight for issues in every space and every way. Her tenacity and convictions are a part of what makes Niki an excellent leader. My vote is for Niki Ashton for the Leader of the NDP.”

– Lauren Baert // Sarnia, ON

I’m supporting Niki Ashton because she is the fierce, passionate and principled leader the NDP needs right now.

During my time as a student activist, I knew I could rely on Niki to bring the issues facing students to the forefront in Ottawa. She has advocated for the elimination of tuition fees and stands shoulder to shoulder with students in the struggle for universally accessible post-secondary education.

Her dedication to addressing the challenges facing young people goes beyond talking points. She has shown a commitment to understanding and tackling working class issues, particularly the rise of precarious work and how it is changing the face of labour in Canada. I know that young workers can rely on Niki to fight for a stronger economy that provides good, stable jobs, and more equitable workplaces.

What I respect most about Niki’s campaign is that she is running on a platform that is bold and daring. Her policies are realistic and necessary if we want to build a movement and be the party leading the charge in the fight for a fair, just and equitable society.”

– Jessica McCormick // First Vice-President – Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour, Former National Chairperson – Canadian Federation of Students

“I have been involved in politics and community organizing since I was an NDY president in the 1960’s until today. As a labour activist, health care activist and chair of the Ontario Health Coalition, an environmentalist, NDP candidate and now South Frontenac Township Councillor, I understand the importance of being proud and confident when fighting for social change.

We need to be proud of public ownership and public investment; we need to be proud of standing up for human and democratic rights; we need to be proud of taking on established interests when we fight for the health of the environment; and we need to be proud of communities organizing: that drives social change and will inspire those alienated from politics.

Niki Ashton is a leader who exemplifies and inspires that pride. She is the leader we need to address today’s issues and build for the future.”

– Ross Sutherland, South Frontenac Township Councillor, Former NDP Candidate

“I’m with Niki because she is offering Canadian social democracy a much-needed reboot. From rejecting neoliberalism to sticking up for peace and justice in the Middle East, Niki’s campaign is committed to pushing the envelope.”

– Ted Klassen // Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I am supporting Niki Ashton for leader of the NDP because her policies consist of addressing and respecting human rights and individuality. As a young racialized women with intersectional, socialist and eco-feminist values I am grateful to see that Niki has policies addressing issues of racism, feminism, the environment, Indigenous rights, mental health and LGBTQ* rights.

We need a leader that will stand up for all people and ensure that their rights are not to be taken advantage of. We don’t need rhetoric policies, we need action!

Niki Ashton is only candidate that has a bold vision of bringing a nation together, to inspire a movement and to bring fundamental change in our society.”

– Arushana Sunderaeson, Former President of the Brock NDP and current Equity Chair for the Ontario New Democratic Youth

“I am proud to endorse Niki Ashton to become the NDP’s new leader! We need a leader who deeply understands the needs of our younger generations to build a brighter future. Niki’s passionate approach to make progressive change will ensure social, economic and environmental justice for our country.

In particular, I am a non-binary trans person fighting for social and legal recognition in Canada and my university education in the form of my Ph.D. has changed my life and provided me with the tools to make a difference. I believe that Niki’s commitments to human rights for non-binary people and her plan to eliminate tuition fees and strengthen post-secondary education will make sure that younger members of our society will grow up feeling more accepted and recognized, and that they will be able to acquire the necessary tools to build a brighter future for all of us.

It’s time for change in our leadership — real change like the vision Jack Layton embodied. Niki has this vision and she has this heart.”

– Dr. Joshua M. Ferguson, Filmmaker, Writer and Advocate

“I am thrilled to announce my support for my good friend Niki Ashton as leader of Canada’s NDP. I recently attended a rally in Montreal to support Niki, and let me tell you, she’s exactly what our movement needs. Niki electrified the audience, comfortably switching between English and French as she spoke about her vision, our vision, of what the NDP must be.

For those of you that don’t know me, I’ve been an activist with the NDP in Quebec since 2002. When I joined the NDP in Montreal in the early 2000’s, we were lucky to get 10 people to show up to our events. Now we’re a movement, and that movement needs Niki.

If we want to regain what we lost in 2015, our movement needs someone who understands Quebec, and understands our activist spirit. I, along with tens of thousands of Québecois, was in the streets in 2012, fighting for free tuition. The NDP made a fatal mistake to not stand with us in the student movement. We need someone who will stand in solidarity with social movements, that has that sacred activist fire to fight the rich and powerful. Niki has that fire.

Look, Canada needs our movement. They needed it when we stood up and fought for healthcare. They needed it when we said no to wars in the Middle East and they need it to fight growing inequality, crushing student debt, and climate change. What Niki puts forward that is bold today will be the norm tomorrow.”

– Craig Sauvé, Montreal City Councillor

“At the start of the leadership race, I, like most Party members had an open mind. I watched most of the debates and meet 3 of the 4 leadership candidates. While I started with an open mind, I did have some key value and policy issues I was looking for in our new Leader.

For one, I was looking for a candidate with a vision that would build the base of our Party to go beyond individual policy positions. I was looking for a candidate who has authentic values and principles that address the core issues of social democracy. I was also looking for a Leader who is demonstratively different in every respect from our current, camera-obsessed, Prime Minister. Finally, I was looking for a candidate who has the courage and boldness to challenge the current orthodoxy of neoliberalism both domestically and internationally.

I am very happy to say that there is a candidate that meets all my criteria for Leader of our Party – Niki Ashton!

Niki understands that we need to build a movement, together! Having a list of progressive policies at election time will not cut it if we truly want to govern for decades. Niki understands we have to build a movement, together, that will insure victory election after election. A deeply rooted movement across Canada will bring those victories. A list of progressive policies may do it once but will not be sustainable. Niki is the first and only candidate challenging the Party to focus on development of a movement first. To be successful, the NDP has to be more than a retail political machine.

Niki’s policy positions address clearly and effectively the core issues of social democracy. Whether it’s social, economic, racial or environmental justice policies, Niki has addressed them boldly and might I add, first. Her positions are so clear and effective that other candidates have seen fit to follow her lead which is a true sign of leadership.

Real and true leadership takes courage and Niki has demonstrated that throughout the race. Niki has shown the necessary fortitude to stand up for working Canadians against the neoliberal forces that control the Liberal and Conservative parties.

I urge my fellow Party members to support Niki Ashton to be the Leader of the NDP and the next Prime Minister of Canada!”

– Larry McKenzie, President, London North Centre Federal NDP

“As a community and political organizer, I am proud to endorse Niki Ashton for NDP Leader.

Niki is fluent in four different languages and as a young woman she was first nominated as a federal candidate in 2005 at 22 and subsequently elected MP four years later in 2008. During the last
leadership campaign Ashton impressed me campaigning on a ‘New Politics’ initiative.  Since then, Niki has just defended her PHD focusing on millennial feminism. In our communities, she has engaged young precarious workers, post-secondary students & LGBTQ activists and empowered us. For me, Niki Ashton’s work and politics carves a solid path for the future for our party.

Furthermore, sexual politics is one of the key reasons I am supporting Niki Ashton for NDP Leader. We have worked side by side on transrights and sex worker policy reform. Ashton has marched with us on the streets of Toronto in our Trans March, Dyke March and Pride Parade for several years. Niki Ashton marches with us in solidarity in the struggle for sexual liberation and reminds me of one of my mentors Paulo Friere’s anti colonialist educational philosophy who writes:

“To the oppressed, and to those who suffer with them and fight at their side.” (Friere, Paulo. Pedagogy of the Oppressed. 1970.)

I have confidence that when Niki Ashton becomes NDP Leader she will continue to engage with us in our communities, march with us in our streets, and fight with us at our sides in the struggle for liberation.”

– Susan Gapka
Past Ontario NDP Executive – LGBT Committee Representative  2009-13
Past Federal Council – LGBT Commission Representative 2009 – 11, 2013-15

“We joined the NDP to back Niki Ashton, because now’s the time for a bold left. Timid reform won’t win against the liberals vapid PR; people need big changes to work towards together.”
J’admire la ténacité et l’engagement de Niki. Elle a toujours été à l’écoute des jeunes travailleurs, non pas à cause de la ligne de parti, mais par conviction   . Elle a tout ce qu’il faut pour connecter avec les jeunes travailleurs du Québec comme moi. C’est elle dont le parti a besoin pour reconnecter avec ses membres et parler aux électeurs.

I admire Niki’s tenacity and engagement. She has always been a fierce advocate for young workers, not because it was the party line, because it was she believed in. Niki has everything that is needed to connect with young workers in Quebec, like myself. She is exactly what the party needs to be able reconnect with our members and with Canadians.

Sean English
Vice-Président Communications et Organisation // Vice-President Communications and Organizing
NPD Section Québec

“En étant la plus jeune élue autour de la table, je suis inspirée par l’approche audiacieuse et la plateforme socialiste de Niki! C’est pourquoi je suis fière d’appuyer Niki comme prochaine chef du NPD!”
– Crystal Warner, Vicea-Présidente Exécutive,  SEIC
“Niki Ashton’s intersectional feminism, her clear and unequivocal support for racial and indigenous justice in Canada, her policy positions on pipelines, privatization, precarious work and Palestine – all represent the sharp left turn that not only our Party needs but that our country needs, now more than ever.”

– Marianne Welsh
CUPE National Representative
Atlantic Region Representative, Women’s Committee, Canadian Staff Union (CSU)
President, Dartmouth-Cole Harbour Federal Riding Association

“Niki Ashton has the principles, the commitment and the experience to lead a new NDP. She has drawn in members from coast to coast to coast. Her comprehensive platform speaks to the full diversity of Canadians in both French and English addressing the key issues facing us today locally, nationally and internationally. Canadians want a strong leader and we need change.
Join me by voting Niki Ashton for the leadership of the NDP.”
Ellen Woodsworth
Chairperson Women Transforming Cities International Society
Former Vancouver City Councillor
Great niece JS Woodsworth
“Over the past ten years or so, I’ve found myself on the “Join the NDP” webpage close to a dozen times, but I had never followed through, until now. While I’ve always supported the party, it wasn’t until Niki Ashton presented Canadians the opportunity to ‘Build A Movement’ that I felt compelled to join the party.

In advance of launching her bid to become leader of the federal NDP, I eagerly followed Niki’s #GenYAsksY campaign, which focused on issues facing millennials, particularly precarious employment, soaring student debt, and the real possibility that – as a generation – we have a real chance of faring worse than our parents did. Niki’s strong and principled support of reforming Canada’s federal labour laws (which heavily favour employers), expansion public ownership, opposition to unfair trade deals and her critique of low-wage, precarious employment stand out as vital components of providing more equitable outcomes to young workers and their families.

The shift toward the elimination of post-secondary tuition fees will also help young workers and their families. Niki’s support of tuition free post-secondary education is a welcomed policy that reflects what is already a reality in much of the global north. Niki’s proposal to eliminate tuition fees is necessary to make access to post-secondary education equitable and ensure that young people have the opportunity to pursue high-quality education. Alongside this, she has a comprehensive policy to mitigate against the high debt-load that many recent graduates experience, one that is often exacerbated by their struggle to find meaningful, good paying work.

As someone who works alongside graduate student workers in my day-to-day role as a union representative, I can say with confidence that Niki’s platform speaks most forcefully to the realities faced by the young and highly educated working-class. Her platform offers meaningful policies to address our issues. I’m honoured to endorse Niki Ashton for the leadership of the federal New Democratic Party.”

– Brad Walchuk, Staff Representative and Chief Negotiator, CUPE Local 3906

“We need a leader who will represent all Canadians, from all backgrounds, races, religions, genders, and sexualities. A leader who will fight to make Canada affordable for all Canadians, and liveable in all region. Throughout the leadership race I’ve seen several debates, heard numerous speeches, and read the candidates platforms.

It is clear to me that there is one candidate that stands out the most, who cares about Canadians so passionately, who speaks with equity seeking groups to help them achieve equity, and is prepared to be the first NDP Prime Minister and form the first ever federal NDP government in Canada. I am a gay, Jewish, female youth and I am so incredibly proud to be supporting Niki Ashton for leader of the NDP.

– Ashley Noble, Oshawa ONDP LGBTQ Representative and Oshawa ONDP Youth

“I’m endorsing Niki Ashton for leader of the NDP because she is smart and experienced. I
want a strong female voice to represent me, and she will be that voice. As a person with
a disability, I am looking for a leader who recognizes that disability policy is under-
addressed in Canada, and she is the only leadership candidate who has a specific
disability plank in her platform.
She will be the powerful force for diversity, and the inclusion of all people that we so need right now. In addition, I believe the key to winning the next election will be a solid commitment to the left, and Niki Ashton has promised to do that. I look forward to Niki Ashton as our next Prime Minister!”
– Spring Hawes, Former town councillor and advocate for diversity and inclusion.
Like you, I want a leader with experience and a new perspective. We want someone with fresh ideas that we can truly count on and stand behind. We need a leader who brings real substance and a clear vision.

Niki Ashton can be counted on to do just that. I know what it is like to be in a tight election, and I was strengthened by the support of Niki and so many others. I am proud to support Niki for leader of Canada’s NDP, and I am asking you to join me in the movement we are building.

As I’ve gotten to know Niki better, I’ve been impressed by her character, by her integrity, and by her intelligence. It is time that Canadians have strong and unambiguously progressive woman to lead our country.

As a transgender, equality, and education advocate I am impressed by Niki’s progressive vision and real integrity. She is a fighter who can be counted on to show up for the things that matter.

I support Niki because of the positive energy she brings to politics, her resolve to do the right thing, and the knowledge and instinct she brings to the issues I care about.

Join me, and pledge your support for Niki’s bold, principled movement for social, economic and environmental justice here.”

– Morgane Oger, candidate for Vancouver-False Creek, educator and trans rights activist.